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Jake Latts

Jake Latts

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Class:  Class of '23+2 Residential College:  SY High School:  Kentucky Country Day Group Years:  The Spizzwinks of  2023 2022 2021 2020 Positions: Whiffenpoof '24;  Trashbag '21, '22, '23;  Orbmeister '21, '22, '23;  Album Manager '22, '23;  Galaxymeister '22, '23;  Punchmeister '22, '23;  Solo Coach '22, '23;  Pitchpipe '22;  Summer Tour Manager '22;  Wilmameister '22;  Ha 'penny Meister '22;  RHB '21, '22;  Haggis and Spare Parts '21, '22;  Geiselmeister '21, '22;  Assistant Pitchpipe '21;  Known for: The Reverend, the Brands™, strong organizational skills, and Broadway soundtracks.


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Who Do You Love Duet,  Mind the Gap (2022)
Beautiful City Solo,  Mind the Gap (2022)
The Impossible Dream Trio,  Mind the Gap (2022)
The Impossible Dream Solo,  Mind the Gap (2022)
I Want It That Way Backup,  Mind the Gap (2022)
Foggy Quartet,  Mind the Gap (2022)


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It All Fades Away View It All Fades Away
L-O-V-E View L-O-V-E
Love at Sundown View Love at Sundown
Misty View Misty
Out There View Out There
Over the Rainbow View Over the Rainbow
Puppet Pals View Puppet Pals
Remember Me View Remember Me
Sh-Boom View Sh-Boom
She Will Be Loved View She Will Be Loved
The Impossible Dream View The Impossible Dream


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[OFFICIAL VIDEO] Nobody But Me | Yale Spizzwinks(?) A Cappella Nobody But Me Jake Latts Adrian Venzon
If Ever I Would Leave You by The Yale Spizzwinks(?) If Ever I Would Leave You Jake Latts
Misty by The Yale Spizzwinks(?) Misty Jake Latts
No Regrets by The Yale Spizzwinks No Regrets Emmett Solomon Jake Latts
Perfect | Yale Spizzwinks(?) A Cappella Perfect Jake Latts
No Regrets | Yale Spizzwinks(?) A Cappella No Regrets Adam McPhail Jake Latts
Somewhere Out There | Yale Spizzwinks(?) A Cappella Somewhere Out There Jake Latts Spring Tour 2023 Florida Tour 2023 Jacksonville

Album Credits

Cover for Mind the Gap
Mind the Gap Album Producer
Cover for Mind the Gap
Mind the Gap Pitchpipe
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