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Arthur Erlendsson

Arthur Erlendsson

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Class:  Class of '17 Residential College:  DC High School:  Hawken School Group Years:  The Spizzwinks of  2016 2015 2014 Positions: Tiemeister '15;  Haggis and Spare Parts '15;  Assistant Trashbag '15;  Punchmeister '16;  Pitchpipe '16;  Known for: Scandinavian surnames Bio: Arthur only has two speeds in life: determined and distracted. He will lead the group on a mountain hike only to spend fifteen minutes watching a goat that he found halfway up. He will excuse himself from a conversation to go play Rachmaninoff. The Spizzwinks(?) visited Arthur’s high school in his senior year; Arthur watched Ben fall off the stage during ‘No Regrets,’ and he still thinks it’s funny. (It is.)


Something solo,  The Brothership (2015)
When We Were Young Solo,  Hometown (2017)



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