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Peter Moskowitz

Peter Moskowitz

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Class:  Class of '01 Residential College:  BR High School:  Roslyn High School Group Years:  The Spizzwinks of  2001 2000 1999 1998 Positions: Tiemeister '99;  Imagemeister '00;  Stromeister '00, '01;  RHB '01;  Punchmeister '01;  Webmeister '01;  Business Manager '01, '02;  Known for: Having a business sense that companies love and employees fear. Being intensely visible from miles away as "that smoking yellow thing." Bio: If the Spizzwinks(?) had a shadowy Godfather figure, it would be Peter.


Gimme That Wine! Solo,  Four Score Seven (2001)
Just One Of Those Things Solo,  Shine Your Shoes (1999)
No Regrets Solo,  Shine Your Shoes (1999)

Album Credits

Cover for Shine Your Shoes
Shine Your Shoes Business
Cover for Four Score Seven
Four Score Seven Business
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