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Donovan Sabog

Donovan Sabog

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Class:  Class of '18+1 Residential College:  BK High School:  Punahou School Group Years:  The Spizzwinks of  2019 2017 2016 2015 Positions: Rush Manager '16;  Haggis and Spare Parts '16;  Cliffmeister '16;  Ha 'penny Meister '16;  Orbmeister '16;  Photomeister '16;  Mediameister '16, '17;  Stromeister '17;  Webmeister '17;  Business Manager '17;  Whiffenpoof '18;  Known for: Wearing a Goofy costume to bed Bio: Aloha, everyone! Donovan is our lanyard-loving, lighting-maven hashtag-fiend whose always-sunny disposition rivals that of his home state.


Pompeii solo,  The Brothership (2015)
Imagine Solo,  Chasing Lights (2019)
Can't Help Falling in Love Solo,  Hometown (2017)


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Perfect by The Yale Spizzwinks(?) Perfect Donovan Sabog
Can't Help Falling in Love by The Yale Spizzwinks(?) Can't Help Falling in Love Donovan Sabog
Ka Nohona Pili Kai by The Yale Spizzwinks(?) Ka Nohona Pili Kai Donovan Sabog
Let It Be by The Yale Spizzwinks(?) Let It Be Donovan Sabog
Pompeii by The Yale Spizzwinks(?) Pompeii Donovan Sabog Noah Strausser Ian Billinge Christopher Bowman
Why Can't I Fall in Love by The Yale Spizzwinks(?) Why Can't I Fall in Love Donovan Sabog
Shenandoah by The Yale Spizzwinks(?) Shenandoah Donovan Sabog
Over Jordan by The Yale Spizzwinks(?) Over Jordan Donovan Sabog

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Cover for Hometown
Hometown Business Manager
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