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Seth Lifland

Seth Lifland

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Class:  Class of '15 Residential College:  SY High School:  Wayland High School Group Years:  The Spizzwinks of  2014 2013 2012 Positions: Spring Tour Manager '13;  Orbmeister '13;  Wilmameister '13;  Haggis and Spare Parts '13;  USM '13;  Winter Tour Manager '14;  Punchmeister '14;  Stromeister '14;  Trashbag '14;  Known for: Moaning in his sleep. (Seriously.) Bio: The Seth (Baritonus maximus) is a quiet, reclusive species characterized by an affinity for felines and a tendency to groan obnoxiously in its sleep. The member of the Spizzwink(?) family most like an ostrich, Baritonus maximus is typically tall, strong, and fluent in Chinese. Seths can be observed resting in what appear to be uncomfortable positions, but they are often just stretching their unusually long limbs.


Spaceman Solo,  Never Don't Go (2013)
The Parting Glass Backup,  Never Don't Go (2013)


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