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Jacob Siegel

Jacob Siegel

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Class:  Class of '08+1 Residential College:  PC High School:  Syosset Senior High School Group Years:  The Spizzwinks of  2007 2006 2005 Positions: Cliffmeister '05;  Rush Manager '06;  Winter Tour Manager '06;  Choreomeister '06;  Intromeister '06;  Punchmeister '07;  Senior Intromeister '07;  Whiffenpoof '08;  Known for: Looking like the Spizzwink and getting to know members of New Blue at introductory parties. Bio: Jacob is from Long Island and continues the talented soloing traditions of that land. Whether it be preaching the Tao of Steve or practicing what he preaches, Jacob has an uncanny knack for finding the fun in any situation.


On A Clear Day Solo,  The Gloves Are Off (2007)
Loch Lomond Featuring,  Simply Put (2005)
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