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Thomas Harvey

Thomas Harvey

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Class:  Class of '00 Residential College:  DC High School:  College Preparatory School Group Years:  The Spizzwinks of  2000 1999 1998 1997 Positions: Spring Tour Manager '98, '99;  Lunchbag '98, '99;  Historian '99;  Intromeister '99;  Leif Neppo '99;  Choreomeister '99, '00;  Senior Intromeister '00;  Whiffenpoof '01;  Known for: Green Lacoste shirts and contagious humor. Bio: Scoring a friendship with Thomas earns free passes to his theme parties and free doses of his zany humor. That word best describes Thomas. Zany.


On Broadway Solo,  Shine Your Shoes (1999)
The Other Woman Quartet,  Shine Your Shoes (1999)
Gimme That Wine! Solos,  Eine Kleine Winkmusik (1997)
Just One Of Those Things Solo,  Eine Kleine Winkmusik (1997)
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