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Nathaniel Granor

Nathaniel Granor

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Class:  Class of '08+1 Residential College:  SY High School:  Cheltenham High School Group Years:  The Spizzwinks of  2009 2007 2006 2005 Positions: Pitchpipe '06;  Webmeister '07;  Album Producer '07, '09;  Known for: Serving the bagels and lox on the Winks' frequent trips to Philly. Being responsible beyond his years. Bio: With a fine eye for detail and a keen musical knowledge, Nathaniel is the General Ulysses S. Grant of the Spizzwinks. Or perhaps the Robert E. Lee. Depends on where you stand on state's rights. He's definitely no Stonewall Jackson.


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She Will Be Loved Duet,  The Gloves Are Off (2007)
Build Me Up Buttercup Solo,  Simply Put (2005)
Loch Lomond Featuring,  Simply Put (2005)
No Regrets Quartet,  Simply Put (2005)
Mr. Tanner Solo,  The Gloves Are Off (2007)
The Future Soon Solo,  Cause for Alarm (2009)


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Mr. Tanner View Mr. Tanner
Ol' Man River View Ol' Man River
Only The Good Die Young View Only The Good Die Young
Pinball Wizard View Pinball Wizard
Sh-Boom View Sh-Boom
Song About the Moon View Song About the Moon
The Future Soon View The Future Soon
The Star-Spangled Banner View The Star-Spangled Banner


The Future Soon, the Yale Spizzwinks(?) The Future Soon Nathaniel Granor

Album Credits

Cover for The Gloves Are Off
The Gloves Are Off Album Production
Cover for The Myrrh the Merrier
The Myrrh the Merrier Album Production
Cover for 90th Anniversary Collection
90th Anniversary Collection Graphic Design
Cover for Cause for Alarm
Cause for Alarm Album Production
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