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Adrian Kyle Venzon

Adrian Kyle Venzon

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Class:  Class of '23+1 Residential College:  PC High School:  Phillips Exeter Academy Group Years:  The Spizzwinks of  2022 2021 2020 Positions: Junior Intromeister '21;  Assistant Business Manager '21;  Rush Manager '21, '22;  Pizzameister '21, '22;  Assistant Historian Meister '21, '22;  Webmeister '21, '22;  Mediameister '21, '22;  Choreomeister '21, '22;  Spring Tour Manager '22;  Loch Ness Meister '22;  Historian '22;  Lunchbag '22;  Senior Intromeister '22;  Assistant Pitchpipe '22;  Whiffenpoof '23;  Bio: Hailing from La-wonderful Las Vegas, Nevada, Adrian is a warm and friendly soul. Despite troubling rumors that he was once found fraternizing with a Cat *hiss* we can now say with confidence that his love, even more than most, now lies squarely with the 'Winks. *Adrian's full first name is Adrian Kyle, a fact certain upperclassmen seem to have forgotten.


Pink + White Solo,  Mind the Gap (2022)
Beautiful City Solo,  Mind the Gap (2022)



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