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Colin Dawson

Colin Dawson

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Class:  Class of '04 Residential College:  JE High School:  Saucon Valley Senior High School Group Years:  The Spizzwinks of  2003 2002 2001 Positions: Foodmeister '02;  Tiemeister '02;  Pitchpipe '03;  Whiffenpoof '04;  Known for: Technically brilliant but somewhat painful jazz improvisation (and similar puns). 10 hours of bridge. His skill driving stick (or automatic). Bio: Colin was born early one winter's morning to a woman named Mary near a little town by the name of Bethlehem… Pennsylvania. He is pursuing a degree in Utilitarian Carpentry, and has been known to turn water into vodka, enjoying spirits wholly. Back home in Appalachia, he is known as "The King of the Jews' Harp".


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Copacabana Backup,  Thank You, Come Again (2003)
Somebody To Love Solo,  Thank You, Come Again (2003)
You Go To My Head Featuring,  Thank You, Come Again (2003)
Over Jordan Duet,  Thank You, Come Again (2003)


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Thank You, Come Again Musical Direction
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