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Brad Ward

Brad Ward

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Class:  Class of '14+1 Residential College:  TD High School:  Northfield Mount Hermon Group Years:  The Spizzwinks of  2013 2012 2011 Positions: Rush Manager '12;  Tour Manager '12;  Junior Intromeister '12;  Senior Intromeister '13;  Business Manager '13;  Whiffenpoof '14;  Known for: Enthusiasm...excitement.....positivity....... Bio: Whether waxing poetic about his childhood in the farms of Western Massachusetts or pining for his adolescence in the farms of Western Massachusetts, Brad Ward seems like a romantic at heart, but he's probably just a nostalgic. We used to joke that Brad joined the Spizzwinks(?) instead of the crew team because the crew team wasn't manly enough for him. Then we learned that he only rowed in high school for the excuse to wear spandex.


As Long As You Love Me Solo,  The Elephant in the Room (2011)
The Way You Look Tonight Backup,  Never Don't Go (2013)
The Very Thought of You Solo,  Never Don't Go (2013)


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The Very Thought of You by The Yale Spizzwinks(?) The Very Thought of You Brad Ward
In My Life by The Yale Spizzwinks(?) In My Life Nathaniel Dolquist Dan Stein Brad Ward Markus Boesl Nate Barnett
Accidentally in Love by The Yale Spizzwinks(?) Accidentally in Love Brad Ward
No Regrets by The Yale Spizzwinks(?) No Regrets Rob Williams Brad Ward
Once Upon a Time by The Yale Spizzwinks(?) Once Upon a Time Brad Ward
Yale Spizzwinks(?) sing Since I Fell For You Brad Ward
Since I Fell For You by The Yale Spizzwinks(?) Since I Fell For You Brad Ward

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Cover for Never Don't Go
Never Don't Go Business
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