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Peter Minnig

Peter Minnig

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Class:  Class of '12 Residential College:  TC High School:  Maret School Group Years:  The Spizzwinks of  2011 2010 Positions: Cliffmeister '11;  Ha 'penny Meister '11;  Webmeister '11;  Album Producer '11;  Known for: Being the only sensible T1. Bio: An ever-flowing font of wisdom and clear-headedness, Peter is basically the Gandalf of the Spizzwinks(?). Sir Minnig, our sagacious father figure, has the voice of an angelic countertenor, like Gandalf probably does, and rides a mighty Go-Kart called Shadowfax. And as another of the Spizzwinks'(?) proud G&S enthusiasts, Peter, with his impeccable and practiced patter song, can kindle more than just magical fireworks.


Just the Way You Are Solo,  The Elephant in the Room (2011)
Chicken Fried Backup,  The Elephant in the Room (2011)


Bless the Broken Road by The Yale Spizzwinks(?) God Bless the Broken Road Peter Minnig
Tracks of My Tears by The Yale Spizzwinks(?) The Tracks of My Tears Peter Minnig

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Cover for The Elephant in the Room
The Elephant in the Room Album Production
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