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Max Henke

Max Henke

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Class:  Class of '13+1 Residential College:  ES High School:  Minnetonka High School Group Years:  The Spizzwinks of  2012 2011 2010 Positions: Tiemeister '11;  Imagemeister '11, '12;  Historian '12;  Business Manager '12;  Whiffenpoof Business Manager '13;  Known for: Being Minnesota's 10,001st lake. Wait, what's that, Max? There are actually 11,842 officially designated lakes in Minnesota? Wow! That's so many lakes! Bio: Thin as a pencil and twice as sharp, Max is a source of frequent deadpan sarcasm. His knowledge of indie music is exhaustive; of fashion, extensive: just check out those snazzy glasses. You may be surprised to learn that Max has memorized the entire International Phonetic Alphabet. This would come as even more of a surprise if you had previously heard him try to pronounce the word "bagel."



Cry Me A River by The Yale Spizzwinks(?) Cry Me a River Max Henke
No Regrets by The Yale Spizzwinks(?) No Regrets Max Henke Andy Berry
If Ever I Would Leave You by The Yale Spizzwinks(?) If Ever I Would Leave You Max Henke
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