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Markus Boesl

Markus Boesl

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Class:  Class of '14 Residential College:  TD High School:  Marshfield High School Group Years:  The Spizzwinks of  2013 2012 2011 Positions: Tiemeister '12;  Ha 'penny Meister '12;  Orbmeister '12;  Winter Tour Manager '13;  Cliffmeister '13;  Known for: "Squirrels are some of the most present, and dare I say, good looking, members of the Yale community." - Markus's blog Bio: A native of sleepy Coos Bay, Oregon, Markus is just getting used to life in the big city. He still considers running to be the most efficient form of transportation, partly because he's a former track star but mostly because he saw his first car at age 18. Markus refuses to buy a Kindle because "half the fun of reading is smelling the book," but he does maintain a blog (see above) that he diligently updates about once every two years.


As Long As You Love Me Solo,  The Elephant in the Room (2011)
Somebody To Love Trio,  Never Don't Go (2013)
The Way You Look Tonight Solo,  Never Don't Go (2013)


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