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Sam Hafer

Sam Hafer

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Class:  Class of '10+1 Residential College:  TC High School:  Borah Group Years:  The Spizzwinks of  2007 Positions: "That Guy" Meister '08;  Wilmameister '08;  USM '08;  Whiffenpoof '10;  Known for: Solitary clubbing. Sudden ideological shifts. Bio: Sam executed his first hostile corporate takeover at an age when most children are still teething. Since that day he has been cultivating a number of skills crucial to the modern businessman. Witness Sam's networking, cautious spending on all but appearance, and ruthless, deep-throated, maniacal laugh of total domination.


Mr. Tanner Duet,  The Gloves Are Off (2007)
This Could Be The Start Of Something Featuring,  The Gloves Are Off (2007)
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