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Devin Caughey

Devin Caughey

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Class:  Class of '03+1 Residential College:  PC High School:  Westtown High School, PA Group Years:  The Spizzwinks of  2004 2002 2001 2000 Positions: Lunchbag '01;  Solo Coach '01, '02, '04;  Rush Manager '02;  Spring Tour Manager '02;  Spring Tour Manager '04;  Leif Neppo '04;  Whiffenpoof '03;  Known for: Returning to the Spizzwinks(?) after spending a year with the Whiffs. The Quicker Quaker. Bio: By far the least intelligent member of the class of 2003, Devin is unable to form a complete


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Copacabana Backup,  Thank You, Come Again (2003)
Over Jordan Solo,  Thank You, Come Again (2003)
Shenandoah Solo,  Four Score Seven (2001)
I'll Still Be Loving You Backup Trio,  Four Score Seven (2001)
I'll Be Over You Duet,  Four Score Seven (2001)


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Cover for 90th Anniversary Collection
90th Anniversary Collection Album Production
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