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Dan Turcza

Dan Turcza

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Class:  Class of '11+1 Residential College:  BK High School:  Oak Park River Forest High School Group Years:  The Spizzwinks of  2010 2009 2008 Positions: Winter Tour Manager '09;  Physical Fitness Meister '09;  Lunchbag '09;  Trashbag '09;  Assistant Business Manager '09;  Business Manager '10;  Whiffenpoof Business Manager '11;  Known for: Being disarming, charming, and -- occasionally -- alarming. Bio: Dan has read How To Win Friends and Influence People, and he's doing it so well, you don't even know why you like him so much. Actually, it's probably because he is the Spizzwink(?) most likely to give you a back rub or play frisbee -- the game of international diplomacy -- with you.


Song About the Moon Solo,  Cause for Alarm (2009)
In My Life Featuring,  Cause for Alarm (2009)



Out of My League, the Yale Spizzwinks(?) Out of My League Dan Turcza
Down to Earth by The Yale Spizzwinks(?) Down to Earth Dan Turcza
No Regrets by The Yale Spizzwinks(?) No Regrets Dan Turcza Alec Torres

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Cover for The Myrrh the Merrier
The Myrrh the Merrier Business
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