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Peter Kjeldgaard

Peter Kjeldgaard

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Class:  Class of '08+1 Residential College:  BK High School:  St. Anselm's Abbey School Group Years:  The Spizzwinks of  2007 2006 2005 Positions: Summer Tour Manager '05, '06;  Rush Manager '06;  Historian '06;  Yaegermeister '06;  Leif Neppo '06;  Stromeister '06, '07;  Business Manager '07;  Whiffenpoof Business Manager '08;  Known for: Opening coconuts on tropical beaches like a native, being ruggedly handsome. He must work out. Bio: Peter comes from Switzerland, and like Ricola, Rolexes and Swiss Army Knives, he’s refreshing, expensive, and is capable of opening bottles. He must work out.


Waly Waly Solo,  The Gloves Are Off (2007)
Loch Lomond Featuring,  Simply Put (2005)

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The Gloves Are Off Business
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